Ethernet Cables For Gaming

7 Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming In 2023 – Buyers Guide

Are you a gamer whose internet connection is not good enough to support gaming?

You likely feel frustration because of the many lost opportunities that a poor connection can cause when playing online.

Laggy gameplay can ruin the experience of any game, whether you’re playing online or offline.

But there’s a solution. 

The right ethernet cable can give you a more stable and reliable internet connection for gaming, which can help you play faster and smoother with less lag.

In this post, you’ll learn how to choose the best ethernet cable for gaming. It’s not about finding one catch-all solution. Instead, you’ll know how to pick the best option for your gaming situation. We’ll also review the only cables you need to consider when choosing one for your gaming needs. Keep reading to learn more!.

The Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming (7 Cables to Choose From)

Here are the best ethernet cables for gaming that you should consider.

However, you’ll find that some of these are more suited for certain setups than others, so be sure to read the specs and remember your unique gaming needs when deciding.

1. DbillionDa Cat 8 cables

A Cat8 or category 8 ethernet cable offers the highest performance rates. 

While such ethernet cables are at the top of the line – they’re also overkill for most home gaming setups. 

You’re unlikely to need such a robust high-speed internet cable for your home gaming needs.

But having said that, if you want one of the best ethernet cables for gaming – you can’t go wrong with DbillionDa’s Cat 8 ethernet cable.

Here are the main features and the pros of cons of this brand you should know about. 


  • DbilliionDa’s indoor and outdoor ethernet cable length ranges from 1.5ft to 150ft. The 10-20ft length should be more than enough for most home setups. 
  • It comes in a 26AWG size. This means it’s fairly thin but has enough copper to perform well at longer distances. 
  • It has two shielded RJ45 gold-plated connectors at both ends. 
  • It supports a maximum speed of 40Gbps and a frequency of 2000Mhz. 
  • The DbillionDa Cat8 cable has a shielded foil twisted pair wrapping (S/FTP), which protects against crosstalk and EMI.
  • It’s also weatherproof and suitable for outdoor applications.

Overall, this Cat8 cable will provide superior internet connectivity and is ideal for business and industrial uses. 

But you won’t regret using it for your gaming PC, streaming, and other home needs. 


  • Provides the highest level of support for speed and performance
  • Good for outdoor usage
  • Business and industrial-level standard
  • It avoids cable mess and tangling


  • Expensive
  • A cat 8 cable is more suited for industrial reasons and can be overkill for a home gaming setup

2. Dacrown Cat8 Ethernet Cable

This is another Cat8 ethernet cable by Dacrown. It’s a nylon braided cable that provides heavy-duty data transfer. 

And it’s a good alternative for our top choice if you’re looking for a Cat8 high-speed cable. 

Check out its features. 


  • Available in 1.5ft to 150ft lengths
  • Braided nylon cable to ensure durability
  • Provides high-speed support up to a maximum speed of 40 Gbps and frequency of 2000 MHz. 
  • Has a high-quality structure for outdoor and heavy-duty applications. Includes foil shield, heavy-duty copper core, and PVC outer cover.
  • It has two RJ45 gold-plated connectors.
  • Supports 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T applications to support next-generation solutions


  • High-speed support
  • Backward compatible with multiple types of network cables such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A.
  • Suitable for outdoor use and next-generation applications


  • You may experience reduced performance after a few months

The Dacrown Cat8 ethernet cable is another reliable, no-brainer option if you want the best the market has to offer. It’s a solid alternative to our top choice and is guaranteed to give you the best speeds for your gaming experience. 

3. Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Cat7 cables like this one by Vandesail offer lower performance than Cat8 cables.

However, it’s unlikely that the average internet speed your ISP (Internet Service Provider) provides goes over 145 Mbps. And that’s looking at the higher range of internet speeds in the USA. 

A Cat 7 ethernet cable will be more than enough for your gaming needs. And it’s a budget-friendly option too. 

Let’s look at the Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet cable in greater detail. 


  • Supports speeds up to 10 Gbps and frequencies up to 1000 MHz which is well beyond the internet speeds that your ISP will provide.
  • It has additional shielding and better twisting of copper wires to improve the overall quality.
  • Removes crosstalk and protects against EMI and RFI interference.
  • 24K gold plated connectors offer the most consistent connectivity between devices.
  • The flat design allows it to slip behind furniture and through tight spots easily. You’ll avoid struggling with bulky round cables. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and long-lasting solution to maximize your network speeds, the Vandesaile Cat7 Ethernet cable is well worth considering.


  • Affordable.
  • It runs at high speeds.


  • The material can be flimsy and needs careful handling.

4. Amazon Basics Braided Cat7 Gigabit Ethernet Cable

Amazon has a number of generic products under its ‘Basics’ brand. Their goal is to provide reasonably good quality content at affordable prices. 

The Amazon Basics Cat 7 Ethernet Cable is great if you want a consistently good internet connection without hurting your wallet. 


  • The cable is designed to facilitate fast data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps and with a bandwidth of 600MHz.
  • It also offers Double Shielded Twisted Pair (STP), which helps protect against any external EMI that can interfere with your gaming setup.
  • The braided design means that it’s a durable ethernet cable. 
  • It’s also backward compatible with Cat5 Cat5e, Cat 6, and Cat6a cables. 
  • Available in lengths varying from 3ft to 50ft.

If you’re looking for a good quality and reliable ethernet cable that will maximize your internet speeds at a budget, go for Amazon Basics Cat7 cable.


  • Reliable and offers capacity for internet speeds that are higher than what the average ISP provides.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Limited sizes and lengths.
  • Its thin 27AWG design may mean that it’s not suitable for connecting long distances.

If you’re looking for a decent Cat7 ethernet cable, then the Amazon Basics braided option will be right for you. You’ll be assured high speeds with a cable that does the job. 

5. CableGeeker Cat6 Ethernet Cable

When it comes right down to it, all you need to get the best from your internet connection is a Cat 6 cable. It offers more than enough speed and performance support for the average internet connection. 

Check out Cable Geeker’s Cat 6 ethernet cable for a patch cable to connect your modem to your gaming PC or device. 


  • The CableGeeker Cat6 ethernet cable offers up to 250 MHz bandwidth and 1Gbps speed,
  • Use it to connect devices from PCs and computer servers to printers, routers, switch boxes, network media players, NAS devices, VoIP phones, and PoE devices. 
  • It has a flat design which is perfect for avoiding tangled cords, and fits neatly in any setup. 
  • Made as an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) patch cable with RJ45 connectors at both ends. 
  • Minimizes noise and interference thanks to its 100% bare copper wire feature. 
  • CableGeeker offers lifetime support and quality customer service. 


  • The price is competitive – it will cost as much as a Cat5 cable but offers higher bandwidth. 
  • Flexible and great for moving around objects.


  • Durability reduces over time. 

6. Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat6 Ethernet Cable

Here’s another Cat6 ethernet cable by Amazon Basics that will suit almost any streaming and gaming need. 


  • Reliable speed and connection you need for your home and office networks. 
  • Features universal compatibility with its RJ45 connectors to connect with any device and provide fast data transfer.
  • It enables speeds of up to 1000Mbps or 1 gigabit per second so you won’t be hampered by slower speeds.
  • Gold-plated connectors provide accurate data transmission and corrosion-free connectivity. 
  • Available at lengths ranging from 3ft to 50 ft. 


  • It’s budget-friendly, useful, and reliable. 
  • You can depend on it to provide you with consistently high speeds. 


  • The connectors are problematic and sometimes they pop out easily or get stuck in devices. 

7. Cable Matters Snagless Long Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

Our final pick is Cable Matters’ snagless ethernet cable. It’s a Cat6 cable that will provide you with enough bandwidth to get the best out of your internet connection. 


  • It provides universal connectivity for multiple LAN components. 
  • It offers up to 10-gigabit ethernet speeds, which is great for businesses seeking a powerful network that won’t require upgrades anytime soon. 
  • Cat6 utilizes 24 AWG copper wiring and is backward compatible with any existing Cat 5 cable networks. 
  • It’s an accessible and reliable option for those with budgets in mind.
  • For those looking to future-proof their networks, this is compatible and has certified performance standards in compliance with TIA/EIA 568-C.2.
  • It features gold-plated contacts and strain-relief boots, ensuring a secure connection and increased durability. 
  • Copper conductors provide optimal performance and compliance with communications cable standards. 
  • Additionally, the cable provides a 550 MHz bandwidth that guarantees fast data transfer for things like cloud computing, video streaming, and surveillance. 

All in all, it’s an ideal solution for any demanding online application.


  • Provides high-speed connectivity even across long distances. 
  • Good quality for the price. 


  • There are no major cons to speak of. Make sure that you check the quality of the cables when you receive them.

There you go! We’ve covered the seven best ethernet cables for gaming that you can pick from. 

In the end, you don’t need to overthink your decision. 

If you want the best, go for a Cat8 cable, especially from DbillionDa. But if you want a sensible option that works, choose a Cat6 cable from Amazon Basics or CableGeeker. 

What Is Ethernet And Why Do You Need It For Gaming?

Ethernet is a computer network connection typically used to connect computers, printers, and other devices.

When it comes to gaming, having the proper ethernet connection can make all the difference between blazing-fast performance or agonizingly slow speeds. Without a fast internet connection your cool streaming monitors and high-end PCs wont do much.

Here are several reasons why a good ethernet cable for gaming is a must.

  • An ethernet connection allows gamers like you to take advantage of a broadband internet service by providing a steady and reliable connection.
  • You’ll find that an ethernet connection is better equipped to handle streaming and downloading large files than a simple Wi-Fi connection.
  • Using an ethernet cable removes potential interference from other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • You’ll reduce latency when playing online multiplayer games and improve your performance.

And the best ethernet connection is possible when you pick a reliable ethernet cable for gaming. As you keep reading, you’ll know what to look for so you can improve your gameplay and internet speed. 

Factors To Consider when Choosing The Right Gaming Cable

While we’ll recommend the best ethernet cable for you, we want to help you make that decision on your own when it comes down to it.

Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming

To pick the best ethernet cable for gaming, here are some factors to think about:

  • The speed your ethernet cable supports.
  • Durability. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty which is perfect if you want a one-and-done solution.
  • Cable Length. Which length works best for your gaming setup? What’s the distance between your gaming setup and the internet connection?
  • Cat-certification. The higher the certification (Cat5, Cat6, etc.), the faster your connection will be.
  • Do you need a shielded cable? A shielded ethernet cable can improve your connection if you’re in an environment with a lot of electromagnetic interference.
  • Price. Some ethernet cables cost more than others. Consider your budget when making a decision.
  • Aesthetics. For many gamers, the appearance and quality of their equipment matter. You can get ethernet cables for gaming that look and feel great, from golden-plated heads to braided and flat cables. And not only that, the design of the cables can help with cable management.

The bottom line is that choosing the best ethernet cable for gaming comes down to knowing the specifics of your gaming setup and finding the cable that fits those needs

What Is ‘Cat’ In Gaming Cables?

You may be wondering what Cat refers to when it comes to ethernet cables. You’ve likely been wondering what Cat6 or Cat-8 and similar terms mean. 

Cat stands for ‘Category’ with reference to the grade and version of ethernet cables out there. 

Cat5 cables are older and offer slower speeds than Cat6 and so on. The higher the Cat number, the faster your connection will be.

If your ethernet cable has a low Cat number, like Cat5 and below, it is less likely to maximize your internet speed.

We recommend using a Cat 6 for gaming which boasts speeds up to 1,000 Mbps at the very least (useful if you have gigabit internet).

And it can be run up to 55 meters without amplification. Cat 6a goes even further with support for lengths up to 100 meters and applications beyond gaming, like streaming 4K video over extended distances.

Ultimately, whatever type of ethernet cable you choose will depend on your budget, requirements, and network layout, though any cat6 cabling above can ensure optimal performance when it comes to gaming.

How To Set Up Your Ethernet Connection For Gaming

Setting up your ethernet connection can seem daunting, and if you love gaming, it’s essential to have a reliable connection.

To ensure that you’ll have optimal performance and the least lag when playing games, don’t be afraid to take the time and ensure that your ethernet connection is set up correctly.

The first step is to connect an ethernet cable from your modem or router to your computer if you don’t already have one connected. 

Then, examine the device’s settings; check for issues such as incorrect IP address configuration, DNS server problems, and even firewall issues.

After you’ve tinkered with the settings, test the connection speed; lag spikes can cause frustration during gaming sessions.

Finally, for a seamless experience, double-check all of your configurations every so often, as updates or changes in the environment might affect the quality of the signal. And of course, use the best ethernet cable for gaming to avoid any issues.

Remember these tips next time you want to get back into gaming without any annoying disconnections or lag.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Ethernet Connection For Gaming

To start with, it’s essential to check the length of your cable—the farther away from your modem, the more signal strength you’ll need, and the fewer obstacles that should lie between them.

Next, keep cables clear from any interference that might disrupt the signal, such as radio devices or large appliances.

Finally, it’s best to plug your console directly into the router instead of going through a switch or hub. These simple steps can help you get the most out of your ethernet connection.

If you don’t plan on using a wired internet connection, you should try to get the fastest possible wireless connection. Consider if 5G internet is worth it for you and your gaming experience.

Troubleshooting Common Problems With Ethernet Connections For Gaming

Ethernet connection problems can be a nuisance when playing online games. If you’re having issues, first check your router and cable.

Restarting the router often solves most connection problems, and if the cable is faulty, then that could be why your internet connection isn’t working.

You should also ensure you have the latest network drivers installed on your system; these help ensure that your device is up-to-date and that everything runs smoothly when connecting to a network. 

Finally, check for software conflicts or other devices on the same network as yours that might be causing an issue.

You also want to avoid getting your ethernet cables tangled or twisted. This shouldn’t cause any significant issues, but sometimes, tangled cords can disrupt your internet connection. 

You can avoid this by choosing an ethernet cable with the right design and sheath so that it doesn’t get any interference through physical obstructions or electromagnetic signals. 

FAQ – Best Ethernet Cable For Gaming

What Is The Best CAT Ethernet Cable For Gaming?

The best ethernet cable for PC gaming is a Cat 8 cable. It can handle way higher speeds but maybe even too much. You could also chose a Cat 7 and Cat 6 and be just fine.

What Is The Best Ethernet Cable For Gaming?

We recommend the dBillionDa 8 Cat cable because it can handle all the speed you need and you will future proof your internet connection for many years to come.


Using an ethernet cable is the best way to connect your gaming devices for the best gaming experience. 

We’ve explained the different types of ethernet cables and shared several tips to help you have a better gaming experience. 

Follow these tips to get the most out of your gaming experience!