Best gaming teams, rosters, and players.

Best Gaming Teams, Rosters, and Players in 2023

Discovering the ultimate gaming team, roster, or player can be a formidable task. Defining what makes one the best is a multifaceted challenge. Is it the individual with the highest earnings or the team that clinches the most victories? Nonetheless, we present to you a blend of earnings, tournament triumphs, and an esteemed list of honorable mentions, empowering you to make your own discerning judgments.


What Teams Have The Highest Eanings?

In the ever-evolving world of esports, 2023 has witnessed a surge in competitive gaming. Gaming teams and rosters have been battling it out in various tournaments across the globe, and with that, comes substantial earnings. Let’s delve into the top gaming teams with the highest earnings in 2023.

1. Team Liquid – $47,485,317.93 (2592 Tournaments)

Team Liquid has consistently maintained its position as a powerhouse in the esports scene. With a staggering total earning of nearly $50 million, they have dominated a remarkable 2592 tournaments. From Dota 2 to Couner-Strike and beyond, Team Liquid’s versatility has paid off handsomely. The best earning esport is Dota 2 with +$28 million.

2. OG – $38,064,532.44 (170 Tournaments)

OG’s impressive earnings of over $38 million in just 170 tournaments is a testament to their excellence in Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. 97% of their earnings comes from the TI and major winnings in Dota 2. The rest is mainly Counter-Strike.

3. Evil Geniuses – $28,442,559.56 (996 Tournaments)

Evil Geniuses, a name synonymous with competitive gaming, boasts earnings of over $28 million across a multitude of tournaments. Their consistent performance across various esports titles has solidified their place among the elite. And once again, we see that Dota 2 is the most profitable e-sport with +$22 million for EG. But they also have several great other e-sport such as Valorant, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty.

4. Team Spirit – $27,360,465.40 (222 Tournaments)

Team Spirit, with earnings exceeding $27 million, may not have as extensive a tournament history as some of their counterparts, but winning the The International 2021 and a couple of other Dota 2 tournaments resulted in +$25 million in winnings. Their 2nd best esport is Counter-Strike with +$1.2 million.

5. Natus Vincere – $20,687,701.18 (706 Tournaments)

Natus Vincere, or Na’Vi, is a legendary name in the esports world. With earnings surpassing $20 million and participation in 706 tournaments, they have consistently remained at the forefront of competitive gaming. This is the first team that doens’t have Dota 2 as their best earner. CS:GO brought in +$9 million and Dota 2 gave +$5 million. Na’Vi also has several other esports decent earning esports: PUBG, PUBG Mobile, and World of Tanks.

6. Team Secret – $20,198,889.44 (391 Tournaments)

Team Secret’s strategic approach to esports has resulted in earnings of over $20 million. Dota 2 is being in charge of +$18 million of the total price earnings for Team Secret, because of their dominance in several tournaments. Their Dota 2 team actually had a record of 82-18 at some point!

7. Fnatic – $20,042,410.35 (1112 Tournaments)

Fnatic’s extensive tournament history, with over $20 million in earnings, showcases their enduring commitment to competitive gaming. They have left their mark in over a thousand tournaments, making them a household name in several esports. Fnatic has winnings of +$5 million in both Dota 2 and CS:GO, +$3 million in League of Legends, and +$1 million in Valorant making this esports team very diverse.

8. Paris Saint-Germain Esports – $19,104,571.91 (158 Tournaments)

Paris Saint-Germain Esports, representing a traditional sports powerhouse, has transitioned seamlessly into esports. With earnings exceeding $19 million, they have demonstrated that their brand transcends boundaries. 94% of their earnings is also from Dota 2.

9. – $18,924,104.55 (625 Tournaments), a stalwart in the esports arena, has earned over $18 million across 625 tournaments. Their consistency in performance and adaptability across various esports titles is truly commendable. They are especially successful in Dota 2 and CS:GO which stands for +$11 million and +$4.5 million. 

10. FaZe Clan – $16,967,726.76 (673 Tournaments)

FaZe Clan, a name well-known in the gaming community, has amassed earnings approaching $17 million. Their presence in 673 tournaments across multiple titles cements their status as a gaming behemoth. The organisation is present in almost all esports. They highest earnings esports are CS:GO with +$7million, Fortnite with +$2 million, and Call of Duty with +$1.5 million. They also have great earnings in PUBG, Rainbow Six, and Rocket League.

What Roster or Player Has The Most Wins?

In the competitive world of esports, individual players often make a name for themselves by consistently performing at the highest level. With top-tier gaming equipment, pros can make some serious money in the gaming industry. Here are the top players of 2023 with the most Tournament results:

1. Solar – $565,326.05 (696 Tournament results)

Solar’s impressive earnings of over half a million dollars are backed by an astonishing 696 tournament results in StarCraft II. His consistent dominance in the competitive gaming scene speaks volumes about his skill and dedication.

2. ByuN – $567,518.60 (623 Tournament results)

ByuN is another esports powerhouse, with earnings just shy of $570,000 and an impressive 623 tournament results in StarCraft II. His versatile gameplay across multiple titles has cemented his legacy in the esports world.

3. Mew2King – $284,955.81 (619 Tournament results)

Mew2King, with over 600 tournament results and earnings nearing $285,000, is a veteran in the Super Smash Bros. community. His longevity and success in the scene continue to inspire aspiring players.

4. Happy – $405,679.84 (538 Tournament results)

Happy’s consistent performance has earned him over $400,000 in winnings and 538 tournament results in WarCraft III: Reforged. His tenacity and adaptability make him a formidable opponent in various esports titles.

5. Zest – $690,082.59 (497 Tournament results)

Zest’s remarkable earnings, exceeding $690,000, come from 497 tournament results. His dominance in the StarCraft II scene has solidified his place as one of the top players in the world.

6. Bly – $136,046.29 (471 Tournament results)

Bly’s impressive 471 tournament results have earned him over $136,000. His dedication to StarCraft II and consistent performance across multiple titles make him a respected figure in the community.

7. Nerchio – $372,384.98 (443 Tournament results)

Nerchio’s earnings of over $372,000 are the result of 443 tournament results. His skills in StarCraft II have made him a prominent figure in the competitive gaming landscape.

8. GuMiho – $287,757.23 (438 Tournament results)

GuMiho’s earnings exceed $287,000, with 438 tournament results to his name. His versatility in games like StarCraft II showcases his adaptability as a player.

9. Cure – $371,580.64 (423 Tournament results)

Cure’s consistent performances have brought him earnings of over $371,000 and 423 tournament results in StarCraft II. His skill in competitive gaming is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

10. HerO – $523,003.61 (359 Tournament results)

HerO has earned over half a million dollars with 359 tournament results. His exceptional abilities in games like StarCraft II have earned him a dedicated fan base and respect from peers.

Important Mentions

We also have a short list of some incredible players and a variety of different games, and why they always should be mentioned when talking about the best team, roster, or play in the history of esports.

N0tail – $7,172,436.83 (Dota 2)

N0tail’s incredible earnings of over $7 million in Dota 2 are a testament to his prowess in the game. As a key player for OG, he has helped lead his team to multiple Dota 2 championships, solidifying his legacy in the esports world. Most famously known for winning the The International back-to-back in Dota 2.

Bugha – $3,610,705.05 (Fortnite)

Bugha’s exceptional earnings in Fortnite have made him one of the most recognizable faces in the battle royale scene. His victory in the first Fortnite World Cup catapulted him to stardom and earned him a substantial income.

Dupreeh – $2,181,164.40 (CS:GO)

Dupreeh’s impressive earnings in CS:GO reflect his consistency and skill in one of the most competitive esports titles. As a former member of Astralis and Vitality, he has contributed significantly to their success on the global stage. He holds the record of being the only Counter-Strike player in the world who have attended every single major tournament in CS:GO.

HuaHai – $1,647,273.26 (Arena of Valor)

HuaHai’s earnings in Arena of Valor highlight his dominance in the mobile esports scene. His success in this popular MOBA game has solidified his reputation as one of the top players in the world.

Faker – $1,481,017.66 (League of Legends)

Faker, often regarded as one of the greatest League of Legends players of all time, has earned over $1.4 million in this highly competitive game. His multiple championships with T1 have made him a living legend in the League of Legends community and are today probably a name every gamer have heard once or twice.

Paraboy – $1,386,382.33 (PUBG Mobile)

Paraboy’s earnings in PUBG Mobile showcase his skill in the mobile battle royale genre. His consistent performances have earned him a place as the top earners in the game.

DrNykterstein – $1,309,431.91 (Chess24)

DrNykterstein’s earnings in the world of chess are a testament to his intellectual prowess. This username, is the username of Magnus Carlsen, the greatest chessplayer in the world.  As a respected figure in the chess community, he has shown that esports extends beyond traditional video games.

Wrapping Up

In the dynamic realm of esports, the pursuit of identifying the ultimate gaming team, roster, or player is an intricate endeavor. The criteria for greatness are multifaceted, and it often begs the question: is it the individual with the loftiest earnings or the team that secures the most triumphs that defines excellence? You got the full list right here, with very good candidates on what team, roster, or player is the best in 2023.