Best Green Screen For Streaming In 2023 – The Top 7 Products

When you’re streaming, the more professional your set looks, the better. That’s why a green screen is such an important tool to have in your arsenal. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven of the best green screen for streaming on the market right now. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each one so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

The e-sports and streaming industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that keeps growing every year. If you want to be the best of the best you need the proper equipment. That’s why you should take a look at the best green screen for streaming in 2023. It might be the difference in your streaming setup.

What Are The Best Green Screens For Streaming?

A green screen makes your streaming setup look more unique and professional. It can be a way to make yourself stand out in comparison to other streamers. But it can be difficult to know which one is the best green screen for you. That’s why we give you seven of the best green screens for streaming on the market right now:

1. Elgato Green Screen

The Elgato Green Screen is one of the best on the streaming market. It’s easy to set up and use, and it delivers great results every time. If you’re looking for a high-quality green screen that will make your stream look professional, then the Elgato Green Screen is definitely worth considering.

It is one of the top choices for a professional and simple green screen. Compare it with your streaming lights and you should be ready to use the amazing green screen technology in no time. This could very well be the best green screen out there for both experienced and newbies in the world of streaming.


  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Can easily be transported and moved away when not in use
  • Optimized for streaming and gaming


  • Has a higher cost than many other green screens
  • Can feel a bit heavy
  • It may be a bit too narrow


The Elgato Green Screen is a portable green screen that can be found on Amazon for $120.00. That’s a good price for a fantastic green screen setup

Wrap up

This is my favorite green screen for streaming. The Elgato Green Screen is super easy to set up and is made from 100% polyester. It locks in the frame and can easily be packed away in a closet or under the bed when you are not streaming. It is one of the best green screens for streaming on the market at the moment.

2. Fancierstudio Green Screen Background

Looking for the best green screen for streaming? Look no further than the Fancierstudio Green Screen Background. This kit includes a 10ft by 12ft green screen backdrop, as well as an 8ft height 10ft wide background stand – perfect for use with any streaming software or device. The background stand is collapsible and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up. Best of all, the green screen backdrop can be used for both videos and streaming – making it a versatile option for any content creator.

So if you’re in the market for the best green screen for streaming, the Fancierstudio Green Screen Background is a great option to consider. With its included background stand and carrying case, it’s sure to make your streaming setup a breeze. Give it a try today!


  • Great for streaming and gaming
  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Covers the floor
  • Comes with a 10×12 ft green screen, a background stand, and a case for moving and storing the green screen


  • The stand is a bit fragile
  • It’s not wrinkle-resistant
  • The green screen is darker than you think which means you need streaming lights to even the color out


This Green Screen Background is at a great price in between the top professional green screens and the cheap ones. You get what you pay for with this green screen. You can get this product for $69.99 on Amazon.

Wrap up

There are a lot of great things to say about this background drop. It’s very good for streaming and gaming and can be used for a long time. You can even transport the green screen and the stand in the case that is a part of this kit. The fact that it also covers the floor makes it even easier to fill your entire background on your webcam. 

3. Neewer Chromakey Backdrops

The Neewer Chromakey Backdrops are perfect for creating professional-looking YouTube tutorials and streaming video games. They’re made of durable fabric and feature a steel spring frame that pops open in seconds, making them easy to set up on location. The first one is a green screen popup and the other one is a blue screen.

Probably one of the easiest green screens to fold and transport to take with you. It is essential to know that you have to buy the stand separately. Stretching the green screens quickly makes them wrinkle-resistant.


  • Durable fabric construction
  • Quick pop-up design
  • Stretched over the stand makes them wrinkle-free
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Easy to set up with multiple velcro straps


  • Need to learn how to re-fold them properly
  • The stand is not included in the package


The Neewer Chromakey backdrops can be found at a very affordable price of only $46.99 on Amazon.

Wrap up

The Neewer Chromakey Backdrop green screens are a very interesting idea. They are so easy to set up, it only takes a couple of seconds before they are ready to go. I really like the idea of not having to set up a big frame and use different screws and bolts for my green screen to be ready. These will be ready in a heartbeat and they work very well.

The downside of these green screens is that you need the stand for them to be fully functioning in my opinion. But if you travel a lot or move your gaming setup around, they could be the perfect choice for you.

4. Webaround Big Shot 56″

The Webaround Big Shot 56″ is designed to be quick and easy to set up, and it folds into a convenient storage bag when you’re finished using it. The integrated stabilizer ensures that your backdrop stays in place, providing more overall coverage. With this portable green screen, you will be ready to stream anywhere at any time.

It works great with a normal gaming setup. But if you are using a laptop this could also be a great choice for you. This screen will follow your chair’s movement which is great if you have your laptop in your lap.


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Folds into a storage bag for convenience
  • An integrated stabilizer ensures the backdrop remains in place
  • Great for use with lighter gaming setups or laptops


  • A straight chair is needed for the backdrop to work properly
  • Moving the green screen can offset the camera a bit


If you want this unique and easy-to-use green screen, you can find the product on Amazon for $59.99.

Wrap up

This is one of the best green screens for a laptop setup if you are using a lap desk or are just gaming with the laptop in your lap. It works really well with having the Webaround around the chair which follows your movement. Just make sure not to move around too quickly.

If you are having a proper gaming studio or streaming setup, I would say that there are better choices for you in the market. There are larger green screens that are better suited for a professional gaming setup.

5. LINCO Video Studio Light Kit AM169

If you are looking for top professional green screen kits this might be one of them. You get everything you need for your streaming and gaming setup. That includes a premium photographic backdrop in black, white, and green, softbox reflectors, umbrella lamps, a backdrop stand kit, and much more. This might be the best green screen kit on the list but also comes with a higher price.

This green screen kit from Linco will provide you with a great lighting and chromakey setup. The lights will help to remove all shadows which makes your camera quality even better. So if you want to take your setup to the next level, you found everything you need right here!


  • Amazing quality for streaming and video production
  • Comes with everything you need for streaming with a large green screen
  • Can be used for outdoor filming
  • Has a premium carry bag to store equipment


  • Is pricier than many other options
  • Takes a while to set up


This is a premium quality kit which of course also means that the price is higher than the rest of the green screens on this list. However, you do get a lot of stuff for your money. You can buy this entire kit for streaming on Amazon for $152.99.

Wrap up

Whether you want a white, black, or green background, you get it all right here. It’s hard to fault anything on this kit. It really does have everything you could think of but it might not be the right choice for first-time streamers. If you want to make a career in live streaming or YouTube video production, this one is for you.

If you are starting to see growth on your channel or you just want some of the best green screens on the market, you can definitely give this kit a go.

6. EMART Photography Backdrop Background

When you’re looking for the best green screen for streaming, you need to make sure that you get a product that is high quality and easy to use. The EMART Photography Backdrop Background is a good choice, and it delivers great results every time.

This backdrop background is made of 100% cotton, which helps to absorb light and eliminate reflections. It’s also strong enough to be machine-washed and reused without fading which makes it a great choice for continuous use in your streaming setup.

The chroma key green screen is six feet wide and nine feet tall, so it provides plenty of space for you to work with. And the rod pocket makes it easy to set up and take down.


  • Made of 100% cotton for light absorption and reflection elimination
  • Can be machine-washed and reused without fading
  • Is wrinkly-free
  • Rod pocket allows for easy to set up and take down
  • You can select other options for sizing


  • Can feel too transparent if hung in front of a window
  • Doesn’t include the stand
  • Might not be the best choice for a high-end studio setup


You can find the EMART Green Screen on Amazon for around $28,99. The EMART Green Screen is a great choice for first-time users that want to try out the many features of having a green screen in your streaming setup.

Wrap up

There are many great things to say about the EMART Green Screen. It is very cheap for a green screen and it does the job when it comes to streaming. Are you planning on streaming in a room with lots of natural lights, you might want to go with another green screen. The fabric is very thin and that can become a challenge if the green screen is hung in front of windows.

7. Neewer 9×15 Green Screen

The Neewer Green Screen is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and easy-to-use larger green screen. This screen is made from muslin material in a single-piece seamless design, and it’s lightweight and durable. It also comes with strong clamps to keep it in place, so you can be sure that your stream will look great.


  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight that makes it easy to handle
  • Comes with 3 spring clamps to keep the green screen in place
  • It’s big enough to fill your entire background
  • It’s a very cheap green screen


  • The color may not be as consistent as some other products
  • Gets wrinkly quite easily


With the Neewer Green Screen, you get a very cheap green screen compared to many other similar products. You can get the Neewer Green Screen for only $32.99 and often cheaper when on sale. So it’s a good choice if you are on a tight budget.

Wrap up

The Newer Green Screen is not a bad choice if you need a big green screen that can cover a larger area. The price for this green screen is very low so it’s definitely a good choice if you are just starting with streaming and want to take your streaming to the next level.

Make sure to always have an idea of the measurements you need for your green screen. A lot of people get a bit surprised by the size of this green screen.

What is a green screen and how does it work?

A green screen is a special effects/videography technique where a backdrop is used and the footage is superimposed on top of it. This allows for unique backgrounds to be used that would otherwise be impossible or impractical to film.

The most common use for a green screen is in weather reporting, where the presenter can be shown standing in front of a map or other graphic. However, green screens are also commonly used in movies and TV shows, particularly in scenes that take place in outer space or other exotic locations.

Green screens work by using a color sorting algorithm to key out the green pixels in the footage and replace them with whatever background image has been selected. This process is known as chroma keying which is also why some people call it a chroma key screen.

While historically green screens have been used exclusively with traditional film cameras, the advent of digital technology has made it possible to use green screens with video cameras as well. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for video creators and streamers, who can now easily create stunning visuals that were once only possible with expensive Hollywood-level production values.

A good green screen is an essential piece of equipment for any streamer who wants to up their game. For those unfamiliar with the term, a green screen is simply a large piece of green fabric that can be hung up like a backdrop.

When streaming video games online, a green screen can be used to create a more immersive experience for viewers. By using a green screen, streamers can add virtual backgrounds that match the game they are playing.

For example, if a streamer is playing a game set in a medieval fantasy world, they could use a green screen to add a virtual background that looks like an enchanted forest. This would give viewers the impression that they are watching the streamer play the game in that environment.

Best of all, green screens are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. So if you’re looking to take your stream to the next level, a good green screen is definitely worth considering.


Is a green screen necessary for streaming?

The use of a green screen is not necessary but could surely be beneficial. Many streamers don’t use this piece of streaming equipment but adding this will improve your streaming experience without doing much.

What size of green screen is needed for streaming?

No specific height is required for selecting the green screen to completely remove the background from your camera’s screen. Try another backdrop (e.g. cotton sheets) if you’re unsure about how much space you have. Place the camera where you want it installed, then test if any is visible from the camera’s image.

Is a green screen good for streaming?

Streaming with a green screen allows you to explore many content options. You can use this technique to take your video productions to another level by simply removing the background. Using creative background screens can help attract new visitors to your channel.


In this list, we have gone through seven different green screens for streaming. My personal overall favorite is the Elgato Green Screen. This product is so easy to use and creates amazing results when streaming.

But it all comes down to what you need in your green screens. If you are an amateur you might want to start with something cheaper. And if you are a professional who is already making a living on streaming video games and creating YouTube videoes, you might want something more professional.

I hope this list has given you enough information to make the best choice for your streaming setup.