Best operating system for gaming

Best Operating System For Gaming in 2024

When it comes to PC gaming, the choice of the best operating system for gaming plays a pivotal role in the overall gaming experience. As we step into 2024, the battle for supremacy among operating systems continues, with each one offering unique advantages and limitations. Let’s delve into the best operating systems for gaming and explore why they stand out or fall short in meeting gamers’ demands.

What is an Operating System?

An operating system (OS) for a PC (personal computer) is software that serves as the core interface between a computer’s hardware and its user. It manages computer hardware, provides common services for computer programs, and enables users to interact with the computer.

Common operating systems for PCs include:

  1. Microsoft Windows: Versions like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc., developed by Microsoft, are widely used on PCs globally.
  2. macOS: Developed by Apple Inc., macOS is the operating system specifically designed for Apple’s Mac computers.
  3. Linux: Linux is an open-source operating system kernel that forms the basis of various distributions (distros) like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and more. Many of these Linux distributions are free to use and highly customizable.

Each of these operating systems has its own features, user interface, and software compatibility, catering to different user preferences and needs. They provide essential functions like managing hardware resources (such as memory and CPU), providing a graphical user interface (GUI), facilitating file management, running applications, and more.

What is The Best Operating System for Gaming?

Choosing the best operating system for gaming is essential to get the best experience when you are using your gaming laptop or gaming desktop. We give you the three most common operating systems to make that choice much easier for you.

Windows Operating System

Windows has long been hailed as the go-to OS for gaming, and its dominance persists in 2024. The primary reason for its popularity is its extensive compatibility with a vast library of games. Most game developers prioritize Windows compatibility, ensuring seamless performance and optimal graphics.

Additionally, DirectX, a suite of multimedia APIs developed by Microsoft, remains a crucial factor. DirectX significantly enhances graphical capabilities, enabling immersive gaming experiences. Windows’ widespread use also results in better driver support from hardware manufacturers, ensuring compatibility and optimization with gaming peripherals.

However, concerns persist regarding Windows’ propensity for bugs, updates, and occasional performance issues. Despite these drawbacks, its extensive game compatibility and user-friendly interface maintain its stronghold in the gaming sphere.

Should You Choose Windows?

The Windows operating system is the most powerful and reliable operating system for gaming. It’s probably also a system you already are familiar with, which makes it much easier to start gaming right away. This operating system is also the best gaming OS on the market and only has the issue of worse security than the other choices.


While MacOS historically lagged behind Windows in gaming performance due to limited game support and hardware options, recent strides have improved its gaming capabilities. The integration of Apple’s in-house M1 chips has showcased promising results, offering improved efficiency and performance for gaming.

Despite these advancements, MacOS still faces limitations in gaming due to a comparatively smaller selection of compatible games. Developers primarily optimize games for Windows, often resulting in delayed or limited MacOS releases. However, with initiatives like Apple’s Metal API aimed at enhancing graphics performance, MacOS gaming is slowly but steadily progressing.

Should You Choose MacOS?

One factor that talks in the favor of MacOS is its user interface, something Apple has been widely known for for years. It’s also amazing if you use your computer for tasks outside of gaming, like photo editing, coding, and work. This biggest issue is the lack of compatibility for many games, which, of course, is a huge factor for gamers.

Linux Operating System

Linux has garnered a niche following among gamers due to its open-source nature and flexibility. The rise of gaming-centric distributions like Ubuntu GamePack and SteamOS has expanded Linux’s gaming potential. Compatibility tools like Proton and Wine have made strides in enabling more games to run on Linux, bridging the gap between Windows-centric titles and Linux users.

However, Linux’s gaming ecosystem still faces challenges related to game compatibility and driver support. Many games are not optimized for Linux, leading to potential performance issues or outright incompatibility. While the community-driven support for gaming on Linux is commendable, it remains a less mainstream choice for gaming enthusiasts.

Should You Choose Linux?

One big advantages of the Linux operating system is the security it has compared to Windows and MacOS. It’s also much cheaper than the other two choices since Linux is completely free. But even though this operating system is free, we don’t recommend using it, if you have no experience with it. It does take some to get used to and many will have trouble truly understanding it.

Best Operating System for Better Gaming Performance

If we look at gaming OS, the best one to choose for most people is Windows. Windows has for many years been the most popular operating system for PC gaming, simply because of performance and how well-known it is.

Most computers with Windows as their gaming operating system is also much easier to upgrade since MacOS only is installed on MacBooks which you can’t upgrade if you want to improve gaming performance. So, if you’re look for the best operating system for gaming, the windows platform is the right one for you.

Wrapping Up

As of 2024, Windows maintains its dominance in the gaming realm due to its extensive game compatibility and support from developers and hardware manufacturers. MacOS and Linux have made strides in improving their gaming capabilities, but they still trail behind Windows in terms of game availability and optimization.

Ultimately, the choice of the best operating system for gaming in 2024 depends on individual preferences, hardware configurations, and the gaming library one desires to access. Windows stands as the most versatile and widely compatible OS, while MacOS and Linux cater more to specific user groups seeking alternative gaming experiences with their respective strengths and limitations. As technology advances, it’ll be intriguing to witness how these operating systems evolve to meet the ever-growing demands of the gaming community. Maybe, we’ll see a switch for the best operating system for gaming in the future.


What is The Best OS For Gaming?

Windows is the best operating system for gaming and can be bought at almost any online PC store. Windows simply outperforms other operating systems on the market in 2024.

What Windows Version is Best for Gaming?

Windows 11 has scored higher overall gaming performance than any other operating system but is still very close to other operating systems from Windows. This means, you’re not forced to upgrade your Windows if you prefer an older version.