+67 Gaming Equipment For Your Gaming Setup Ideas

Are you having trouble finding gaming setup ideas and need more inspiration to create or improve your gaming setup? You are in luck then! You’ll learn more about the essential equipment needed for gaming while also getting tons of gaming setup ideas so your gaming station can look as epic as possible. 

Gaming is super useful for both entertainment, relaxation, and getting to know people all over the world. Today it’s even possible to make a great living off of gaming. All these factors combined are probably the reasons why the gaming industry has grown so massively in the past 10 years. And you can do it all while sitting at home!

The gaming industry is massively growing each year making room for all kinds of people. Whether you are an amateur that just wants to play with your friends, or you are dreaming about becoming a professional gamer or a streamer, a full gaming setup is necessary. This blog post is created to give inspiration for gaming setup ideas for both beginners and experienced gamers.

What equipment can improve your gaming setup?

Gaming setup ideas and inspiration for everyone

There are tons of gaming equipment that can make a difference in your gaming setup. It can be anything from performance to visual looks that gives your gaming setup the extra touch. 

If you are looking for gaming setup ideas or inspiration for your gaming room and setup, here is a list of equipment you can use.

1. Computer

The computer is of course one of the main components of your gaming setup. There are a vast amount of options when it comes to a great gaming computer. If you are just starting, it might be worth finding a gaming computer under 1000$, or are you planning to make a living in the gaming industry, you might be looking for the ultimate gaming PC which typically comes with a hefty price tag. 

2. Laptop

A laptop is also an option if you are planning to move around a lot. If you still are studying a gaming laptop can be a great choice because you still have the option to take the laptop with you and work on it. If you want to take your gaming with you, then a gaming laptop is the computer for you. You can find a lot of amazing gaming laptops for under $2000 and even cheaper than that.

3. Laptop stand

A laptop stand can be great for gaming if you only are planning to use the screen on the laptop. If you have your own gaming keyboard and mouse that you are using with your laptop a laptop stand can improve your gaming setup.

4. Lap desk

Sitting with a laptop can be very warm. The laptop often reaches higher temperatures when performing in different games which is why a lap desk is preferable when gaming while you are on your bed or couch. It’s easier for the laptop to breathe when standing on a lap desk instead of sitting on your lap. 

5. Monitor

To be able to see what you are doing, a monitor is necessary. When it comes to performance and gaming a gaming monitor is preferable. A gaming monitor often comes with quicker response times, higher hertz, and epic designs. A good monitor for streaming is also necessary if you want to take streaming to the next level.

6. Monitor stand

Are your monitors standing on your desk? You can get a lot of gaming setup ideas by moving your monitors up on the wall or on a stand. It gives room for extra gadgets on your table and it looks so much better.

7. Mouse

You need a great mouse to be able to react quickly in-game. A gaming mouse is funny enough made for gaming with different settings and DPIs to help your gaming. You can even get a gaming mouse in super cool designs.

8. Mouse pad

The mouse pad is necessary for your gaming mouse to be able to perform perfectly. Without it, the mouse will run through the dirt on the table and not register probably which hurts your gaming. 

9. Keyboard

Epic gaming setup ideas always involve a great gaming keyboard. The keyboard is of course an essential gaming equipment but you can actually use any kind of keyboard for your gaming. 

10. Headset

A gaming headset is one of the pieces that really make a difference when it comes to gaming. High-quality sound makes all the difference when you are playing video games.

11. Headset stand

The headset stand is the home for your headset when you are no longer using it. With some products, you need to have the proper headset stand to be able to charge your wireless gaming headset.

12. Earbuds

Are you not a big fan of headsets? Gaming earbuds are being used in gaming a lot more. In a lot of e-sports events, professional gamers are using earbuds under their noise-canceling headsets. 

13. Hardware

When it comes to improving your gaming setup, the hardware is the first place to look. Hardware is all the components within your computer that together determines how good your computer is performing.

14. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

The CPU is an important piece of hardware that has a big impact on your computer’s performance. This is the brain of the computer which interprets instructions while you are using the computer. 

15. Graphics Processing Uni (GPU)

The GPU will do the graphics rendering in your computer. Having a good GPU in your computer is really important if you want to play games with beautiful graphics. 

16. Motherboard

A motherboard is the backbone of the computer. All the components will be plugged into the motherboard that runs the entire system. You can get a gaming motherboard to improve your gaming setup.

17. Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is working as short-term memory in a computer. The memory will be stored here when you are using different programs on your computer. You need higher RAM to be able to start and play certain games. How much RAM you need depends on a lot of factors like type of game, your gaming computer, and much more.

18. Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

An HDD is the storage in your computer. The bigger the hard drive, the more files, and games you can store on your computer. Do you want to stream or create videoes of your gaming, you’ll need a big hard drive to store the files.

19. Solid State Drive (SSD)

An SSD works a lot like an HDD. This is also a place for you to store files on your computer. SSDs are newer and quicker than HDDs which is why they are great for gaming.

20. Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The power supply unit is used in every computer. It converts power so the components in the computer can run. It’s important to have a big enough power supply to be able to handle all of the components in your computer.

21. CPU cooler

CPU cooling is important in your setup because it keeps your CPU temperature down while gaming. This also helps your FPS to stay high without destroying your CPU.

22. Water cooling

If you super-effective cooling for your computer, you can buy a computer with water cooling. Water cooling also looks amazing and can be used in your design for your gaming setup ideas.

23. Fans

Fans are a different kind of cooling for your computer. It is probably the most used cooling for computers because it is the cheapest choice. You can find fans with RGB lights which is great for cool gaming setup ideas.

24. Chassis

The chassis is the outer part of the computer. This part will hold all the hardware and can affect performance. It is essential to choose a chassis that fits all your hardware and has room for enough fans to cool your entire computer down. Incorporate epic gaming chassis in your gaming setup ideas for a really cool setup.

25. Thermal paste

Thermal paste is not a piece of hardware. But it’s a paste used on the CPU to make sure that no air is between the CPU and the heatsink. Without thermal paste, your CPU won’t cool off properly which can course damage. 

26. Cables

There are tons of cables used for a gaming computer. You can find these with lights or different colors to give inspiration for gaming setup ideas. It is also important to find proper cables for your monitors like HDMI or Display Port cables.

27. External hard drive

Storage for your data is always a good thing to have. If you don’t want it all inside your computer, you can acquire a good external hard drive for all the data you don’t want on your computer, or you want to be able to take it with you.

28. Desk

For epic gaming setup ideas, you need to find a great desk with enough space for everything. There are tons of choices when it comes to desks for your gaming setup.

29. Gaming chair

Countless hours are being spent in front of the monitor, which means a good gaming chair is necessary for your gaming setup. You have to sit right when you beat for friends in the online gaming world.

30. Xbox

Your gaming setup ideas don’t have to include only a computer or a computer at all. If you are more into consoles an Xbox could be the right choice for you.

31. Xbox game pass

Are you planning on using an Xbox in your gaming setup, you need to have the Xbox game pass for you to play games online. Take that into consideration when you are thinking about those gaming setup ideas.

32. PlayStation

This is very much the same as the Xbox. The PlayStation is another popular choice for console gamers. It has been a part of the gaming world for years and it probably will be for many more.

33. PlayStation plus

PlayStation plus is needed if you want to play online against other gamers. It also allows you to get games for great deals.

34. Controller

If you incorporate consoles in your gaming setup ideas you need to have a good controller. You can choose the standard controller for Xbox or PlayStation or buy controllers with cool designs and more buttons to help your gaming.

35. Thumb grips

The thumb grips on controllers are important because these determine where you move an aim. Losing grip on these can hurt your ability to play properly so make sure you have good thumb grips layin around.

36. Webcam 4k

You don’t need a webcam to be a gamer. But are you planning on making a living on your gaming by streaming on Twitch or YouTube, it can be a great idea to get a webcam in your gaming setup.

37. Microphone

Being able to communicate with teammates and friends is a big part of gaming. A great microphone is appreciated by both your friends and viewers if you chose to become a streamer. You can even get super cool microphones that can be used in your gaming setup ideas.

38. Speakers 

Speakers are great if you want to listen to music in between games. Besides that, it looks amazing to have a great set of speakers surrounding your gaming setup.

39. Video Capture Card

A video capture card is useful if you want to make money streaming video games. The card captures your gameplay from multiple devices and can incorporate your webcam in those recordings.

40. Stream deck

A stream deck is super useful if you are streaming games. It makes you able to quickly swift between scenes, change audio, trigger commands, and much more. 

41. Desktop lighting and ambiance

There is a lot of super cool desktop lighting and ambiance you can use in your gaming setup ideas. That’s a great way to make your gaming setup look even more unique.

42. Streaming lights

Great lighting is essential when streaming. Streaming lights are made exactly for that reason because they give a great white light making your visual quality better.

43. Wall lighting

Your gaming setup ideas should incorporate wall lighting to make your gaming setup cool and unique. Wall lighting can be everything from simple lamps to cool LED lights in different colors. 

44. Smart lighting

Do you want to improve your gaming setup with cool lighting? Use smart lighting in your gaming room and get all the epic advantages. 

45. Green screen

Do you already have a great webcam? You can use a green screen in combination with your webcam to remove all background on your webcam. That makes all your viewers only see you and not your room. That is a shame though if you have a super cool gaming room.

46. Surge protector

You need a surge protector in your gaming setup idea. The surge protector should be able to give power to all the equipment in your gaming room. You can hide these under tables or in boxes if you don’t like the look of them.

47. Backup drive

If you are a streamer or a YouTuber you might want to get a backup drive. A backup drive stores all your data on another device so you don’t lose any recordings or other work stuff.

48. Uninterruptible power supply

If you want to make sure that you don’t suddenly lose all power while you are gaming an uninterruptible power supply is a good choice. It’s great if you are creating a YouTube video and need a little extra time to save your work if the power cuts out.

49. Mobile

When talking about gamers, you usually think about computers and consoles. But mobile games are becoming more popular and more games are created for mobile devices. Do you want to solely game on mobile? Make sure to have a proper phone that has enough space and is fast enough.

50. VR headset

The ultimate gaming experience on your mobile could be Virtual Reality. To be able to enter this new and amazing world you need to have a great VR headset.

51. Gaming glasses

Gaming glasses is a newer intervention in the gaming world. Blue light from monitors can negatively affect your eyes which is why people are using these glasses to prevent damage when gaming over many hours.

52. High-speed Internet

Internet is essential to have if you want to be a part of the online world. High-speed internet is especially important when gaming because it affects your latency and connection within the games. Make sure to have great internet speed if you want to become a gamer.

A wired connection is usually preferred but with the new 5G internet connection, you can make mobile gaming a part of your gaming setup.

53. Ethernet cable

An ethernet cable is not just an ethernet cable. There are multiple differences in cables that are sending internet from your modem to your computer. Always have a great ethernet cable for gaming that supports your internet speed.

54. Modem

An old modem will have a bad impact on your connection when you are gaming. It’s a good idea to check your modem if you are experiencing bad connections when you are gaming.

55. Mesh WiFi routers

Are you mainly using WiFi in your gaming adventures? If you want great connection and speed all over your home you could set up mesh WiFi routers. 

56. Games

To become a gamer you need games. There are thousands and thousands of games out there, so check out different websites and reviews to find a game that suits you.

57. Software

If you want to improve your gaming there are multiple gaming software that can help you with that. That can be everything from software to teach you aiming to software that gives you specific guides to do in-game.

58. Coaching

If you want to take your gaming to the next level a gaming coach could be the way to go. You can be taught by ex-professional gamers to improve your craft even more.

59. Racing rig

Want a cool piece of equipment for your gaming setup idea? A racing rig! A full racing rig that mimics movements and commotion from the game. You would have to be a big fan of racing of course but this is super epic to have in your gaming setup.

60. Storage

Storage is important in every gaming setup idea. And we are not talking about computer storage. No, regular storage like shelves to store gaming stuff and fanart when you become a big streamer.

61. Mini fridge

No one wants to run all the way to the kitchen to get your next energy drink. Use a mini-fridge in your gaming setup idea to make the room look even cooler. 

62. Coffee machine

If energy drinks are too much sugar for you why not get a small coffee machine and your gaming room? There is nothing better than the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

63. Plants

We gamers tend to spend a lot of time in our rooms and maybe not so much in nature. But why not let nature come to us? Use plants and your epic gaming setup ideas and get a natural vibe while you are gaming. Remember to touch grass once in a while though!

64. Desk fan

It’s summer and the sun has been warming your room up to towering temperatures. If you don’t have an AC in your gaming room a desk fan can be a help. Keep yourself cooled down with a small desk fan beside your gaming monitor.

65. Wrist rest

The intense gaming hours can take a toll on your wrist. Some like to use a wrist rest below the mouse pad to have a place to relax your wrist and hand.

66. Feet wrest

The above also applies to your feet. It can be really nice to incorporate feet wrest in your gaming setup idea to make it even easier to relax when you are out of the intense gaming situations.

67. Tools for building PC

Are you planning on building your own PC? Get yourself the proper tools for building a PC then. The tools are also great to have if something goes wrong with your current setup and you need to fix it.

68. Air canister

An air canister close by your gaming desk and super nice to have. It’s a quick way to clean your keyboard where a lot of dusk and dirt gets stuck. 

69. Noise-canceling wall panels

If you are loud when gaming or wants to try out streaming as a career, then noise-canceling wall panels are a good idea to place on your wall. Your neighbor or roomies will appreciate it and the panels look super cool. They are perfect for any gaming setup idea you may have. 

70. Nintendo Switch

You might not be a console player or a computer fanatic. Luckily, there are plenty of other opportunities to improve your gaming setup. You can instead use a Nintendo Switch for streaming and gaming.

71. Gaming Finger Sleeves

If you are playing on a mobile phone and wants to improve your gaming experience, you can try to find some of the best gaming finger sleeves to better control the game on your screen. It’s a great way to quickly get an edge on your mobile gaming competitors.

72. Gaming Gloves

Gaming gloves can be a super helpful piece of gaming equipment if you struggle with cold hands. Cold hands can affect your gaming outcome when you are playing at a gaming PC or using a controller. Take a look at the best gaming gloves to combat these issues right away.


There are plenty of components and gadgets you can use to change and improve your gaming setup. A lot of these gadgets should also give you inspiration for great gaming setup ideas. 

Whether you have an epic gaming setup idea for a new gamer or you want to improve your current gaming setup to increase your success for a gaming career is up to you. There are so many opportunities to create a super cool gaming setup and room.