How To Install Discord On Steam Deck? – Easy Steps

Discord is an amazing app that allows you to speak to friends and other gamers. You can create your own community with a great Discord server. You can even stream Nintendo Switch on Discord or just stream with your gaming PC. There are plenty of opportunities with the Discord app.

Have you acquired one of the popular consoles from Valve and are wondering how to install Discord on Steam Deck? Well, then you come to the perfect place. We will go through a step-by-step guide so can play PC games on the go while still talking to your friends on Discord.

Step 1 – Finding The Discord App On Your Steam Deck

There are different ways you can install apps on your Steam Deck. You can download Discord and transfer files manually and import them into the device or you can find the apps directly on the Steam Deck. The latter of course the easiest and fastest way of doing it.

How to install discord on steam deck?

You need to find the Discover App on your Steam Deck. You do this by pressing the Steam button, going to Power, and selecting Go to Desktop. Your Steam Deck is now in desktop mode.

Next, open the Discover app. You can search for any app or game in the top-left search bar. Search and find Discord, and hit install. The app is now ready to run on your Steam Deck.

Step 2 – Make Discord Show In SteamOS

It’s way easier to use the app if you make Discord a “game”. This will make the app appear in your library without you having to go to desktop mode every time you want to use it.

In Desktop mode, open Steam and go to the Games tab and press Add a non-steam game. Press the Add Game button in the new window and find Discord on the list. Add the app as a game and you now have the Discord app as a gaming mode shortcut ready to run.

Step 3 – Join Voice Chat And Set Up Servers

You have now installed Discord on your Steam Deck and are ready to enjoy all the amazing features. If you haven’t created voice channels or a proper Discord server, you can do it now.

You don’t even need a desktop PC or fancy gaming keyboards. You can create and control text and voice chat from any Steam Deck model. All you have to do is open Discord and change the settings to what you want.

How Does Discord Work On Your Steam Deck Now?

Discord is an app many gamers use in the background. If you followed the above steps, your app will also run in the background of your Steam Deck.

You can control it or swap between voice channels and servers, exactly like you can on a full-sized gaming PC. You just have to switch between the game you are playing and the Discord app if you need to change anything. It’s that simple.

Remember to use proper PC gaming headsets when you want to use the Discord app for voice. That makes the sound much better for your teammates and you will also be able to hear the ingame sounds much better.

What Is A Steam Deck?

A Steam Deck is a handheld console that allows you to play PC games on the go. It is made by Valve which also runs one of the most popular gaming platforms, Steam.

This means that with your Steam Deck you also have the official Steam Deck store where you can play all the amazing games you can find on Steam.

All you need is the Steam application and a Steam account and you are good to go. You either choose between desktop mode or gaming mode depending on what you need the Steam Deck for.


Can You Install Apps On Steam Deck?

Yes, you can install any app you want on the Steam Deck. You can do it with the same steps as you see above.

From Where Do I Install Discord?

Through the Discover app located on your toolbar. It is an icon resembling a blue shopping bag.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! A super easy way to install Discord on your Steam Deck. With just a few clicks you can install Discord as many other non-Steam games and enjoy all the features.

It only takes a few moments before you are ready to speak with your friends while beating the competition in your favorite online games.