How to Stream Switch on Discord in 2023 – A Complete Guide

In 2023, streaming on discord will be another popular way to stream games. Millions of people already use discord to communicate with friends and family, and many of them will want to start streaming their Nintendo switch games. With more than 140 million users every month you have a great chance to get a lot of viewers when streaming on discord.

If you have ever thought of how to stream switch on discord we got the answer for you! In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know to start streaming Switch on discord. We’ll cover everything from what you need to have in order to stream, to how to set up your discord server for streaming! Let’s get started!

Stream Nintendo Switch on Discord – This Is What You Need

How to stream switch on discord

Streaming Nintendo Switch on Discord is quite simple compared to a computer. It is super easy to set up. You only need a couple of pieces of equipment to be up and running and then all your friends and family can watch you dominate opponents in your Nintendo games.

As there is no app to stream Nintendo Switch, you do need a few things on your own before your streaming adventure can start:

1. A Computer or Laptop

A computer is needed to stream games from your Switch. If you do not have a computer, you can use a laptop. Your computer and laptop will be the device to keep your stream up and running with a VLC media player or a streaming program like OBS Studio.

2. An Internet Connection

Your computer or laptop will need to be connected to the internet in order to stream games from your Switch. A wired connection is always best for streaming because it gives the fastest and most stable connection. Combine it with a top-tier ethernet cable and you should be good to go.

3. A Video Capture Card

A video capture card will allow you to connect your Switch directly to your computer or laptop and play games and stream games through the Discord software. You will also need an audio card to capture audio from your gameplay. The easiest solution is to find a video card that supports streaming, so you don’t need to buy a separate audio card.

4. A Streaming Software

There are several streaming-softwares you can use for Discord streaming. Whether you choose VLC Media Player, OBS Studio or something else is entirely up to you.

5. The Discord App

To be able to stream Switch on Discord you need to download the app and create a user. You then have the opportunity to create your own servers, talk to friends, and stream your Nintendo games.

How to Stream Switch on Discord? – Step-by-step

If you have the equipment and software above together with your Nintendo Switch, you should be ready to set up your stream. Luckily, that only takes a couple of moments. Follow the below steps and you should be ready to stream on your Nintendo Switch within no time:

Step 1: Connect Your Switch to Your Video Capture Card

In order for you to stream your gameplay, you need to connect your Switch to your video capture device. This can be done very quickly.

Start by placing your Nintendo Switch into the docking station and connect the dock to your capture card with an HDMI cable. You are now ready to connect the video capture card to your computer through a USB cable.

Make sure to download the proper updates from your video capture card software.

Step 2: Open Your Streaming Software

Open your streaming software and create a new scene. You can call it whatever you want.

When you have created the scene, you should then add the video capture card as a source by clicking on the “+” sign in the sources field and selecting “video capture device.”

Whether you are using OBS Studio or VLC Media Stream is up to you. The process of creating a scene is usually very simple.

Step 3: Turn Your Nintendo Switch On

You are now ready to turn on the Switch. This can be done by pressing the power button on the top of the Switch.

Step 4: Set Up Capture Mode

It’s important to get your VLC Media Player to capture the gameplay from your Nintendo Switch. This can be done by copying the following code into the VLC Media Player settings:

 “C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe” dshow:// :dshow-vdev=”Game Capture HD60 S (Video) (#01)” :dshow-adev=”Game Capture HD60 S (Audio) (#01)” :dshow-aspect-ratio=”16:9″ :dshow-audio-samplerate=48000 :dshow-audio-channels=2 :live-caching=0 :dshow-fps=60

Quick note: Make sure to change the capture card name from “Game Capture HD60 S (Video) (#01)” to your video capture card. If you have an audio card you can do the same process for that device.

Use your code in VLC Media Player by following these steps:

  • Press the VLC Media Player icon.
  • Go to Media at the top left.
  • Find Open Capture Device and press it.
  • Under Capture Device choose “DirectShow” as your Capture Mode.
  • Change the Video- and Audio Device Name to your capture card.
  • Next, press select more options.
  • Copy your edited code into Edit Options.
  • You can now close VLC Media Player.

If you want your VLC to remember these settings. Right-click the VLC icon and go to Properties. Select Shortcut and post your code under Target. This will make the software run your streaming settings for your Nintendo device every time you open it.

Step 5: Start Streaming on Discord

You can now open Discord and join or create your own server to stream on. This is done by pressing the “+”-button on the left side of your screen.

If you are ready to stream Nintendo Switch on Discord you can join a voice channel and press Screen at the bottom left. Click Applications and choose VLC as the display window. The people who are watching your stream will only see what’s happening on your Nintendo Switch screen and nothing else.

You can then choose your resolution and frame rate as your streaming settings. Usually, it’s recommended to choose the best options. Try it out and see how smooth your streaming is running. And the last thing you need to do is press Go Live and you are fully ready to stream Nintendo Switch on Discord.

Wrap Up

By following this guide, you should be ready to show everyone your skills in your favorite Nintendo Switch games. To stream Nintendo Switch is a new way of entertaining people and it can even become a career if you are good at it. You can even get a webcam, microphone, and streaming lights if you one day want to take your Switch stream to another level.

Starting by showing your friends and family your Nintendo’s display screen is a good way to start and further enjoy gaming. Most people are streaming their computer games so why not try out with a Nintendo Switch too. You now know how to stream switch on discord in 2023. Give it a try and see where the gaming journey takes you!