Why is Rust Popular Again in 2022? – 3 Main Reasons

Have you seen the massive increase in viewership on Twitch? Or do you think the Rust servers have seemed a little more active than normally? The popular game has seen a resurgence in popularity in 2022 because of several different reasons.

The three main reasons are its unique gameplay, the help from big streamers, and the ability to mod the game.

What is it and Why is Rust Popular?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game that is unique in many ways. It is a multiplayer game where you can play with friends or strangers. The objective of the game is to survive by gathering resources and building a shelter.

There are many different ways to play Rust, which makes it so popular. You can either choose to just stay alive or you can try to steal materials and loot from other people on the server.

The game has been around for many years and is without a doubt one of the best survival games out there. It started gaining popularity in its early access in 2013 and has never looked back since.

Why is Rust popular
Source: SullyGnome.com – Number of Rust Viewer on Twitch.tv

Today, the game is fully released and has a million viewers on different streaming platforms and the game developers keep the players intrigued with new content which is a big part of why the game is hugely successful.

One of the Best Survival Multiplayer Games

One of the main reasons why Rust is popular again is the quality of the game. No matter what day or server you join, it’s always a different experience every time. You have the options to play solo against others or join up with friends and other players to create a larger team.

You spawn into a game and start on the beach with nothing but a rock and a torch. You then see players farming materials to build a base and find better loot to be able to stay alive and fight other players. It’s easy to learn the basics of Rust but it takes a while to get really good at the game.

The survival element of the game and the fact that you can lose all your gatherings in a matter of minutes is what makes the game so much fun. Playing rust can be extremely fun and awarding but also very frustrating when things go south.

Already had a Big Following in the Early Access Stage

With super professional software engineers and game developers, the game reached a great following rather quickly. Rust’s popularity only increased during the many years of the game’s early access stage. Other games with similar ways of playing never reached the same amount of initial interest and couldn’t keep their player base in the same way Rust did.

The Rust team also made a built-in support system to report cheaters and other people you rather wanted to damage the game than support it. This is always a good idea for games with multiplayer features like Rust where every gunfight is important.

You have probably already seen streamers with their smart streaming lights, beautiful webcams, and high-end computers. Rust is a game with social interaction that always gives a unique gaming experience.

Twitch Rivals – A Survival Game Tournament for Streamers

In recent times, Rust suddenly gained a massive following again. This is mainly due to the popular streaming platform, Twitch. Twitch collaborated with a bunch of streamers to launch the biggest tournaments for roughly 120 streamers divided into 4 different teams. Some of these streamers are playing Rust as a living while others came from games like animal crossing and among us.

Parcipating in the tournament was great for smaller streamers too. They got exposure and had a lot of fun while playing a game they wasn’t used to be playing. It’s a great streaming tip if you want to start streaming yourself.

The tournament put $100,000 on the line for the winning team. It lasted 100 hours of game time where players had to perform daily farming, crafting, and much more to be ready for the big fights.

Rust managed to get some of the biggest streamers to join the tournament making Rust one of the most viewed games in the past few months. Rust also experienced a previous high player count when roleplay streamers from the GTA community and the highly popular streaming group, Offline TV joined the servers.

Rust seems to be really good at creating opportunities for streamers to create great content for their viewers which is probably the main reason Rust is so popular. Everyone can play the game in their own way whether it’s for PvP or something entirely different.

Rust Private Servers

Many multiplayer games have the option to make private servers. But this has in recent times been a big reason why Rust has over a million viewers during the days of the tournaments. With private servers in a survival game, you can establish entirely different rules which give the players a whole new playing experience.

With all the opportunities that games like Rust provide, it’s not odd that these games gain popularity among gamers and streamers.

Wrapping Up

So why is Rust so popular? From early access in 2013 to full release years later, Rust still seems to keep its viewers and gamers entertained. There are a lot of multiplayer-only survival games out there but no one does it like the Rust developers. So if you are trying to get a following on Twitch, grab your best gaming glasses and fire up your gaming computer because there are a lot of gaming hours in this game.